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CG File Explorer v0.8

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Tonight im releasing version 0.8 of CG File Explorer 16

theres a few new updates from 0.7

Full VP8 Video Encoding(from most formats)
vp8 video playback(no audio atm)
Full DB Master integrated controls(everything available in db master)
Note:- u need to save changes to the db before you click away from the db section!
added a check for update to save checking here.
ball 3d preview
boots 3d preview
GK Gloves 3d preview
Fifa dir now shows the folders in sorted order(for numbers it will be like 1,2,21,3,35,56,4,41 etc….)
u can search for team name followed a key word for example:-
manchester city_kit ,arsenal_ball , motherwell_adboard
Reported bugs fixed, thanks for reporting these
export Language files from locale.big

ive also added a live db editor to ease some of the pain of not having CM this year yet
its very basic but its a start:-
change     team names 
        leagues names
        player names
        league logos
        team badges
        minikits etc…..
also just finished adding a scoreboard creator
i have included a base which when used to create the scoreboard will be able to be previewed in the preview section
unfortunately the other user made and ea made scoreboards are only partially previewable


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